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​ How to Wear Fur Gilets

Posted by The Fur Gilet's Team on 13th Jun 2017

Fur has been in style for centuries, and for good reason. It's a beautiful material, but it's also warm and comfortable. Fur gilets increase those benefits even further because they're light enough to be worn in warm weather without overheating while still offering enough insulation to help keep the wearer warm in the cold. There are plenty of different ways to include a fur gilet in a fashionable ensemble, and it's worth considering all of them so you understand their potential before you add one to your wardrobe.

A Centerpiece

Fur is a visually striking material. It will almost always draw the eye, especially when it is used to make a fur gilet or other, similarly large garment. You can use that to your advantage when you plan your outfit by using the gilet as the centerpiece of your look.

You should try to make the rest of your outfit match the fur when you use one of your fur gilets in this way. Shoes and accessories should be similar to the fur in color, to avoid clashing with the gilet. Shirts, pants, and other items that are near the fur can also match with it to create a simple, understated look. Alternatively, choosing garments that offer slightly more contrast with the fur will help to accentuate both items by making them stand out from each other. Both options are appropriate in different situations, so it is usually best to experiment with the rest of your wardrobe to see how each item will look along with your gilet, and then match your style to the occasion.

Providing Contrast

You can also use fur as an accessory that contrasts with the rest of your outfit. Gilets are fairly good at this, since they expose more of your other garments than most other furs. Some gilets cover more of the body than others, and it's generally best to use the smaller ones for this technique. It is possible to use the larger ones, but it is slightly more challenging since they have less visible clothing with which to contrast.

You can maximize the contrast by pairing your gilet with sleek, modern clothing. The fur will provide a rough and rustic charm that complements the more neat and minimalistic aspects of the other clothing. The differences in style will allow the bottom layer to stand out from the gilet even though a large part of it will be covered.

Extra Insulation

People first wore furs to stay warm, and they are still one of the best ways to beat the cold. A fur gilet will almost never look out of place during cold weather, because it will come across as a natural and fashionable way to stay warm. You should still try to make the rest of your outfit match with it to make sure that you look good, but you can get much more stylistic leeway when you have a practical reason to be wearing the fur.

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