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Add Luxurious Fur Gilets and Wraps to Your Wardrobe This Season

Posted by The Fur Gilet's Team on 23rd Nov 2018

Virtually everyone who is fashion conscious has noticed that fur is in style this season like never before. If you have plans to get rid of old, useless garments and add something new and stylish to your winter wardrobe, these are the pieces you should acquire to make every outfit you own stand out in a crowd. The fur and faux fur collection on offers something for everyone, and the quality, cut, and craftsmanship involved in the manufacturing of each item guarantees your ultimate satisfaction.

Turn Heads Wherever You Go

If you are searching for a way to make your outfits luxurious and unique, whilst creating a visually appealing look to those around you, your search has come to an end with our sumptuous fur and Cashmere wraps. Featuring a stylish texture and unparalleled softness, these wraps not only make you feel like a queen, but will turn heads wherever they are worn. When you slide into the silky, soft folds of these high-fashion pieces, you will not want to take them off. Our fur gilets and Cashmere wraps and ponchos can be found in a variety of lengths and can be purchased with or without pom-poms or tassels. Whether your style is trendy and fun or you prefer a sophisticated look, we have the items you need.

Fur Gilets

You should definitely consider our incomparable fur gilets as a wardrobe staple this autumn. Fortunately, we are proud to offer them in a vast array of styles and two different lengths. For instance, you can choose from long or short fur gilets, with or without tassels. We even have a hooded fur gilet, which many of our customers find very practical. Most of our gilets are reversible as well, which instantly gives you additional style possibilities: you can wear a wool covered gilet that reverses to a suede-like sheepskin with fur trimming in the centre and on the edges. The possibilities are virtually limitless when you add these beautiful pieces to your wardrobe.

Ponchos and Cashmere Wraps

Because there are so many styles from which to choose in our beautiful line of ponchos and cashmere wraps, you will likely find yourself shopping for quite a while and unable to choose just one item. You can make your selection from our short or long fur ponchos and wraps, which can be purchased with or without pom-poms to create many different fashionable looks this season. Our fur wraps perfectly complement any outfit in your wardrobe, and are appropriate for essentially any time of year. Made from suede, cashmere, fox fur, rabbit fur coney fur, and faux suede, these luxurious, head turning wraps ensure that you look your best at all times and for every occasion.

Brilliant Colour Options

Because we offer so many different colours from which to choose, it is easy to find a fur item in your favourite shade. Whether you like pale, neutrals, or deep purple, midnight black or navy, we have the exact item for which you are searching.

Fur Accessories

Like most fashionistas, you do not consider your wardrobe complete unless it has stylish, up-to-date accessories. Therefore, you will be pleased to discover that our fur fashion line provides multiple options in the accessory department as well. Choose from fur headbands, scarves, collars and bobble hats. These items also come in a broad range of colours that will blend well with all your favorite outfits.

The Practical Side of Fur

Although their visual appeal is tremendous, our fur gilets, wraps and accessories offer practical features as well. The high-quality fur and Cashmere used to manufacture such pieces are designed to keep you warm all through winter, even if you plan to spend time outdoors when the chilly winds are blowing. Winter is almost here, and if you want is to remain comfortable and warm, whilst still looking fashionable on every occasion, treat yourself to several of our ultra-chic and classy fur pieces. All products are dispatched next business day and your satisfaction is guaranteed.