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Avoiding Style Mistakes with Fur Gilets

Avoiding Style Mistakes with Fur Gilets

Posted by The Team on 15th Apr 2022

A gilet is that failsafe accessory that is typically considered a must-have by any fashionista. For example, a chilly day might come along and your lightweight jacket that you desperately wanted to wear with your new outfit is just too flimsy and thin. A fur gilet is a perfect way to stay warm and still show off your stylish wardrobe. However, it is easy to make mistakes with gilets and have them end up being a fashion faux pas instead of a fashionable accessory. Below are some tips on avoiding style mistakes with gilets:

It’s important to make sure you know what to wear, and what not to wear, under a gilet. This is because your goal is to add an extra layer of warmth and a touch of style to your outfit without obscuring your fashionable clothes or adding too much bulk. One of the best ways to make sure you’re not overdoing it is to evaluate the lines of your outfit in the full-length mirror. If the gilet seems to work in a way that makes the outfit look like one seamless piece, you’ve done it right. If, on the other hand, you simply made your outfit too big and bulky, you’ve picked the wrong piece to wear underneath. Similarly, wearing a gilet without anything to complement it would definitely create the illusion that you forgot something when putting your outfit together.

Stay With Single Layers

As a general rule, stick with single layers underneath the gilet. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but overall, you should wear the gilet over a shirt, sweater, sweatshirt, dress, or even a tank top, and then accessorize with other items, such as boots, belts, and jewelry. If you are already wearing multiple layers under the gilet, you are risking a look that is bulky and awkward.

One exception, however, is to wear the gilet over a denim jacket. If you have started with a tank top over which you have placed a jeans jacket, there is probably still room for your gilet, provided your denim jacket fits snugly. Never try to place a gilet over a bulky coat or jacket, though, since this usually doesn’t look good. This is especially true if your gilet has a shearling collar. If this is the case and you don a jacket with its own good-sized collar, the effect will be overwhelming, and probably won’t be comfortable.

Make Sure Your Outfit Works By Itself

A gilet is a fabulously functional extra layer, but the word “extra” is key. Make sure your outfit can stand alone, so that you can peel away the gilet on the slightest whim and still look stylish. This accessory is perfect for it between seasons, such as autumn or spring, when you don’t know what the weather might do from morning to afternoon. Therefore, create an outfit that is enhanced by the gilet, but not dependent on it should you decide it’s become too hot for an extra layer.

Keep an Eye on the Length of Your Layers

Another thing you should consider is the layering lengths. Ideally, when worn underneath a jacket, your gilet should not be longer than the outer layer, as this tends to look sloppy. When worn on the outside, you have a few more options. The gilet can be shorter or longer than the jacket underneath. If you are wearing a gilet with a very short dress or mini-skirt, the gilet should still be shorter than the skirt. Wearing a long gilet with a very short skirt or dress tends to look odd.

How a Gilet Should Fit

In a perfect world, a gilet should fit similar to an old-fashioned waistcoat. It should fit snugly around the body and the armholes should be high. The fit should be snug, comfortable, and you should always choose a size that allows enough room for the way you want to layer the gilet. If you plan to wear it over jackets or sweaters, don’t hesitate to go a little bigger with the size. If you will primarily be wearing the gilet underneath your jacket, choose the size you normally would for anything else.

Generally speaking, fur gilets and faux fur gilets are a failsafe way to add style and flare to virtually any outfit. Invest in one or more to wear with all your favourite clothes and arm yourself with a great wardrobe for all four seasons.