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Faux Fur Gilets a Core Staple This Season

Posted by The Team on 18th Mar 2021

If you have a core staple on your list of wardrobe additions this season, it is probably a fur gilet. This is not surprising, since it is one of the most versatile and attractive accessories that you can wear all year-round. However, you may prefer faux fur for a variety of reasons, and if this is the case, you will be pleased with our line of luxurious, beautiful faux fur gilets in various colours and styles.

Enjoy Being Glamorous and Looking Good All Year Long

Some of the charming characteristics of our faux fur gilets include the warmth they provide and their stylish cut. They allow you to add a functional extra layer to all your outfits without detracting from their fashionable look. Gilets provide easy movement due to their practical cut, whilst making any outfit classier.

A gilet can be added to almost anything, depending on your personal preferences and of course, the weather. Some great ideas for faux fur gilets include being worn over:

  • Shirts and polos
  • Dresses
  • Sweatshirts, jumpers and hoodies
  • Long and short sleeve T-shirts
  • Silk shirts
  • Turtlenecks

The way such pieces are worn is limited only by your imagination.

Dressing Up

Gilets work quite effectively with your formal shirts and dresses. For example, you can pair an Oxford shirt with a neutral coloured gilet in shades such as stone or grey. A gilet can add the perfect finishing touch to a party dress or sweater dress as well. Because such pieces sit well on your body, they complement any type of outfit you can imagine. To add a touch of sophistication to your dressy outfits, choose a long black faux fur gilet and pair it with classy boots or high heels.

Casual Styling

Wear a short gilet with tapered ends over a bold checked shirt or a crew neck jumper for a smart casual look. A solid-coloured gilet in stone or chocolate perfectly blends with any type of pattern, or you can pair your gilet with a contrasting solid shade for an eye-catching effect. Our gilets are also a great choice if you want to dress up a logo T-shirt or a short or long sleeve Henley.

Party Wear

If you are planning to socialize with friends and coworkers this season, a faux fur gilet is the quickest way to add pizzazz to all your favourite party outfits. For example, add a gray or black gilet to a denim skirt and party blouse to take your look to the next level. You can also add a sumptuous faux fur gilet to a cocktail style dress to make an unforgettable fashion statement. Don’t forget simple party classics like skinny jeans and a silk shirt with a statement necklace. Add a lovely gilet in stone or brown to this look for a comfortable and classy ensemble that will turn heads.

Business Attire

If you are looking to add a fashionable touch to your business attire, an attractive faux fur gilet is the perfect choice. For instance, if your office dress code is business casual, wear a beautiful gilet in black or brown over a pantsuit or dress. You can also replace your suit blazer with one of these fetching pieces for a more casual look during your workday.

A Four Season Option

Fortunately, you do not need to pack up your fur gilets with your winter attire as soon as warmer weather appears. This is because this type of fashion accessory is truly a four season option. For example, in spring and autumn, you can toss a stylish gilet over your outfit in place of a jacket, since it provides an extra layer of warmth without being bulky or getting too hot as the day wears on and the temperature rises. Even in summer when nights are still a bit chilly, you can throw a beautiful gilet over a tank top and skinny jeans for the perfect blend of comfort and style.

All our faux fur gilets feature a concealed hook and eye fastener, side pockets, and an attractive diagonal rib design. Choose from several lovely colours and straight or tapered hems and spice up your wardrobe for all year long.