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Five Versatile Ways to Wear a Fur Gilet

Five Versatile Ways to Wear a Fur Gilet

Posted by The Team on 1st Aug 2022

An authentic fur gilet is a must-have accessory, regardless of the season. This is because such a piece can be paired with essentially any type of outfit, making it one of the most versatile items of clothing you can acquire. Additionally, genuine animal fur is long wearing and durable. For this reason, you are assured of looking good season after season, and you never have to worry about your gilet losing its beautiful appearance, provided you take proper care of it. Real fur gilets also never go out of style. Therefore, as fashion trends change and various accessories go in and out of style, you have that one go-to piece that’s always correct. Below are five versatile ways to wear a fur gilet during this, or any season:

Update Your Outfits

The ever popular western look changes slightly each year, as different trends appear on the runway. However, one look that is always correct when you are going for that sophisticated western style is a printed, floral dress or prairie skirt with boots and an elegant fur gilet to take the ensemble from everyday ordinary to special and unique. You can also create this look with embroidered jeans or an embellished denim skirt and a floral shirt or gypsy style blouse. Also, because genuine fur usually comes in neutral colours, you are assured of a perfect match every time.

Create an Edgy Look That’s Both Casual and Sophisticated

Cigarette pants, stiletto heels, and statement earrings are all you need to step out in style during any season. Choose a sleeveless tank or a long sleeve blouse, put your gilet on over the top, and cinch it with a leather belt. This look works great with high heels, dangle earrings and cigarette pants in white or black, but you can experiment with other variations as well. Stylish ensembles of this type are appropriate for both casual get-togethers or events that are more formal. The real fur gilet is the focal point of the outfit, and the other pieces create the perfect frame for its beauty.

Wear Your Gilet with a Parka for a Unique and Interesting Look

One of the latest trends regarding real fur gilets is to layer them over a thin parka. This look has been popping up on runways everywhere for the past few years. This is most likely because it is not only an attractive combination, but also a practical way to stay warm and enjoy the comfort that only authentic animal fur can provide. Try wearing a dark brown or black fur gilet over a thin parka in a pale, neutral shade for a striking and stylish look. You can also create an eye-catching contrast by placing a white fur gilet over a navy or black parka. This is a great way to achieve the warmth of a full coat without the bulk, and enjoy a fashionable, layered look at the same time.

Design a One-of-a-Kind Shabby Chic Outfit

When you know how to do it right, shabby chic is always in style and nothing can make this look pop more than an authentic fur gilet. Distressed jeans, a blouse or tank in a solid colour, platform shoes, and a short or long genuine fur gilet creates the perfect shabby chic outfit that is all you. Try this outfit in minimalist style with no jewelry or accessories, or add bling to create detailed contrast. Outfits of this kind are both stylish and comfortable, and work for virtually any occasion.

A Touch of Class With a Textured Look

When temperatures turn chilly, don’t be afraid to add a fur gilet to your coat or jacket. Not only is this a great way to add an extra layer of warmth, it’s also a versatile and practical option. Once indoors, you can remove your jacket and wear your fur gilet as part of your outfit. This way, you still look dressed to kill without being too warm. If it’s not time for a winter coat yet, try pairing your fur gilet with a sweater or turtleneck for an ideal indoor-outdoor ensemble that’s sure to turn heads.