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Fur Gilets – A Quintessential Four-Season Accessory

Posted by The Fur Gilet's Team on 6th May 2021

If you are looking for that authentic, four-season accessory, look no further than these lovely, Toscana gilets. This quintessential piece will carry you through each season in grand style. When winter is at its peak, gilets offer an extra layer of warmth as well as a fashionable touch to your outfit. As temperatures become milder, they seamlessly make the transition with you and add style and flair to your spring and summer outfits as well. Made from genuine, top quality materials and featuring excellent durability, these gilets offer a world of benefits. Below are some other reasons why the Toscana gilet is essential to your wardrobe:

A Perfect Balance of Style, Practicality and Versatility

Very few accessories can boast the versatility of the Toscana gilet. Although the main attraction of this piece is its stylish appearance, keep in mind that it is also one of the most versatile accessories you can own. This is because it can be worn over virtually any kind of outfit and is perfect for all body types. These characteristics make it a practical, failsafe choice. Try wearing a striking Toscana gilet over the following:

  • Polos or shirts
  • Short sleeve or long sleeve T-shirts
  • Dresses
  • Sweaters
  • Hoodies, sweatshirts and jumpers
  • Silk blouses
  • Miniskirts and tank tops

Ultimately, a gilet can be tossed on top of almost anything and will always look correct.

Getting the Right Fit

All gilets are typically flattering, regardless of your body type. However, here are a few things to keep in mind: your Toscana gilet should fit close to your body, similar to the way a waistcoat would sit. This is the best way to make sure the gilet creates a flattering look.

You can wear the gilet zipped or open, and this choice is simply a matter of personal taste. Of course, you can also change your mind at any time and either zip up a gilet you had been wearing open or unzip one, as either option will instantly revamp your look.

If you choose to pair it with a thin jacket or sweatshirt, consider going one size up from your norm in order to ensure it is not too tight. Whether you plan to wear it over one piece of clothing or several layers, simply make sure that it closes easily without having to put strain on the zipper.

Don’t Forget the Practical Benefits

Toscana gilets are indeed beautiful and stylish, but don’t forget their practical benefits as well. With durable suede body panels and long wearing fur trim, these gilets are strong and offer great longevity. Perfect to wear as travelling gear, you can add a scarf–or gloves and a hat during cooler weather–to create a personalised go-to travel outfit. And don’t forget that those gilets you wore over your T-shirts and tank tops during spring and summer will easily transition to your winter wardrobe when you wear them over turtlenecks or long sleeved blouses as the weather turns chilly.

Shop With Passion

Don’t be afraid to invest in more than one Toscana gilet. You may want a dark gilet for formal occasions, but want to have a lighter coloured one in stone or grey to blend with everyday outfits. Because this stylish, attractive piece is so versatile, it helps to have more than one on hand. You may also decide to grab a few in different sizes, for layering purposes. Whether you’re going on a trip, a local outing, headed to work, or attending a party, comfort and fashion are at your fingertips with one or more of these outstanding Toscana gilets.

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