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Fur Gilets Take the Fashion Market by Storm

Posted by The Fur Gilet's Team on 5th Nov 2018

Like most people, you have probably noticed that the popularity of fur continues to grow. Gilets and other items made from genuine fur have been seen on every runway this autumn, and this fashion trend is expected to continue. This is because few items can boast the versatility and beauty of genuine fur. If you are updating your winter wardrobe and are searching for pieces that are comfortable, versatile and exceptionally stylish, you need look no further than our  fur gilet collection. Our line of gilets features something for everyone, and your satisfaction is guaranteed, whether you buy one piece or a variety of furs for every occasion.

The Best of Both Worlds

If you enjoy wearing animal fur, but have discovered that a fur coat is just too warm, bulky and impractical, then the perfect solution is a lovely gilet. Due to their outstanding craftsmanship, our gilets make a unique fur fashion statement, but are far more versatile than full fur coats. This is because fur jackets are not worn as part of an outfit. Rather, they are typically taken off once you enter a building. Gilets, on the other hand, instantly become an integral part of your ensemble, thus giving you the opportunity to show off your genuine fur, whilst enjoying its luxurious feel as long as you are out and about.

Exceptional Versatility

Fur gilets go with any type of outfit and will not clash with other textures or materials. Additionally, because they come in a broad range of styles and colours, you can create many different unique looks for virtually any occasion. For example, you can wear a long black or silver check fox fur gilet over black leggings or a short skirt to create a chic, sophisticated look for evening. However, it is just as easy to create a fun, casual look by pairing your favorite slimming jeans with a short chocolate brown coney and fox fur gilet. Subtle shades such as grey, navy, or cream can be paired with cigarette pants and a turtleneck for a terrific business casual look. A white gilet with tassels can be worn with a sweater dress or silk shirt for a whimsical, romantic look. Fortunately, we have a beautiful, handcrafted gilet for any outfit you have in mind.

Stand Out in the Crowd

Because authentic sheepskin and genuine fox or rabbit fur feature various patterns and colours, no two gilets in our line are exactly alike. This means that the ones you choose to buy are one-of-a-kind items, which guarantees you will stand out in a crowd, regardless of the type of gathering you plan to attend. Nothing is worse than arriving at a party or other event only to see another person wearing almost the exact same outfit that you painstakingly created. This will never happen when you add a few of our unique fur gilets to your wardrobe. When you wear one of these luxurious pieces, you can rest assured that you will turn heads wherever you go, and this will ultimately boost your confidence at any social event.

A Practical Choice

Even though such pieces are primarily purchased for their visual appeal, our fur wraps and gilets are practical as well. The genuine animal fur used to create these gilets is guaranteed to keep you warm and cosy all winter long. If your goal is to look fashionable wherever you go, whilst still remaining comfortable and warm regardless of the weather, you should indulge in several of our luxurious fur gilets and enjoy looking your best all winter long.