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Fur Scarves and Collars a Must-Have This Season

Posted by The Team on 22nd Dec 2020

Fur Scarves and Collars

Fur scarves and collars have recently appeared on runways everywhere, as well as on the shoulders of famous people and celebrities. This boom in popularity is probably because these pieces can quickly transform any outfit and make a fashion statement in an instant. It is easy to jump on this trend and add style and beauty to your outfits with a fur collar or scarf of your own. These pieces evoke a sense of timeless sophistication, graceful style, and elegance that appears effortless.

Accessories of this kind can be added to virtually any outfit, from casual daytime apparel to a glamorous outfit for a night out on the town. Work the styling tips outlined below into your next ensemble and turn heads wherever you go.

Pair Colours to Create One-of-a-Kind Looks

If you’re a fashionista who enjoys making a statement with your outfits, try unique pairings to draw glances from everyone. For example, wear a modern fur scarf in mustard or pink with a black blouse or dress to pull the eye upward and frame your hair and face. You can also choose a black fur collar over a bright coloured outfit for a fun and trendy look.

Wear Your Fur Collar Like a Vest

Another great way to use a fur collar is to wear it in place of a vest. For example, a large black fur collar can be worn over a sweater or turtleneck. Simply drape it like an open vest for an extra layer of warmth and a strikingly fashionable touch. You can also use this idea with a button-down shirt or a silk blouse.

Use a Fur Collar in Place of a Traditional Scarf

If you are tired of the way traditional scarves look and are getting bored with them, fur scarves are the perfect replacement. Drape one around the back of your neck and fold the ends over each other in front. This ensures the scarf will stay in place, and also instantly makes it the focal point of your outfit.

Create a Beautiful Layered Look

If the winter air cuts right through your favourite outfits but you don’t want to give up fashion for comfort, consider using a fur collar to insulate you from the chill. You can pair well tailored jeans with an elegant flowing top and add a fur collar in a contrasting or blending shade to ease the winter bite without sacrificing style. Genuine rabbit fur collars and scarves also work great with dresses or denim skirts and casual blouses. They instantly give any outfit a boost, but without the bulky look and feel of the traditional scarf.

Wear Your Fur Scarf With Any Winter Jacket

If you have a winter coat or jacket that you wish came with a fur collar, don’t hesitate to add your own. Choose one that blends well with the look and colour of your coat and instantly transform dull outerwear into something exceptional. All you need to do is drape the scarf or collar around your neck and arrange it attractively. This instantly creates a stunning look, regardless of the cut or style of your coat. You also have added warmth without sacrificing fashion, as coats rarely close up to the neck, but a beautiful fur collar quickly fills in the gap. Don’t forget you can also pair fur collars and scarves with gilets and winter sweaters to give a boost to an ordinary outfit.

Choose From all Your favourite Colours

Fortunately, we offer a broad range of shades from which to choose, from neutrals to striking colours and patterns. For a stylish and chic look, consider a genuine rabbit fur scarf in fuchsia and black or burgundy and black. A classic grey or solid black fur scarf is also a good choice for that go-to item this winter. If you are looking for something a bit more colourful and bright, consider investing in a lovely fur collar in mustard or pink. Each scarf has a practical fur button to secure it around your neck, and therefore it holds in place regardless of how you choose to wear it. Additionally, because these items are made from authentic fur, they offer exceptional longevity.

Experiment with Style

An authentic fur scarf will help you make an unforgettable fashion statement wherever you go, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different fur collars and scarves to create various looks with your existing wardrobe pieces. No matter which genuine fur item you choose, it can always be counted on to add pizzazz and elegance to any outfit you wear.

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