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How to Add Faux Fur Accessories to Your Wardrobe

How to Add Faux Fur Accessories to Your Wardrobe

Posted by The Team on 23rd Aug 2021

It’s never too early to start planning for cooler temperatures and the best way to get ahead of the fashion curve is to invest in your wardrobe now. The first thing on your list for any season should be outerwear you can use to change the look of any fashion ensemble. Stylish and cosy faux fur gilets can dress up any outfit and make you turn heads wherever you go. There are also additional choices in this category if gilets are not exactly your style. For instance, consider enhancing your wardrobe with a faux fur teddy coat or biker jacket trimmed with sumptuous faux fur. You can also opt for a trendy poncho made from the same material.

Fortunately, faux fur outerwear accessories pair well with just about any look you have in mind, whether the base of your ensemble is a simple pair of jeans and a statement T-shirt, a sweater dress, business attire, or formalwear. Regardless of how you style your look, these pieces are chic and classy additions.

Steal the Attention with Faux Fur Gilets

Faux fur gilets are perhaps the most versatile of all the faux fur pieces. Gilets can be worn with virtually any outfit, from casual to formal. Choose from grey, black, tan or brown and create interesting looks with contrasting colours or wear head to toe dark or light shades for a striking fashion impact. You may also wish to add a bright belt for an unexpected pop of colour or combine different shades. The latter can be done by pairing burgundy pants with a black turtleneck and tan gilet for a trendy, uptown colour combo. The way these stylish pieces can be worn are limited only by your imagination.

Create a Fun and Sassy Look with Faux Fur Ponchos

Faux fur ponchos are a must-have if your look is fun and trendy. They can be used as outerwear that is removed once you arrive, or better yet, they can be an integral part of your outfit for the duration. Try pairing a luxurious faux fur poncho in navy or forest green with tan or white leggings for an instant, eye-catching ensemble. If you prefer lighter coloured ponchos, choose one in pale grey, pink or cream, and pair it with black denim jeans or leggings in a dark shade. If you are unsure of which colour would be best for your wardrobe, go for black, camel or light mocha, since these shades blend well with virtually anything.

Turn Heads with Teddy Coats in Faux Fur

The sleek and snazzy teddy coat is a favourite amongst fashionistas everywhere for many reasons, but probably its versatility is top on the list. If you are interested in faux fur, but are looking for a basic style jacket that is attractive but universal, a teddy coat is a failsafe choice. Opt for one in medium or deep brown, both of which are sure to lend themselves well to all types of autumn and winter outfits. Faux fur teddy coats flatter virtually every figure, whilst remaining fashionable and stylish. Easy to clean and care for, you can even make such a coat your go-to outerwear item for the entire season.

Upscale Biker Jackets for any Occasion

For the chilliest months, it’s important to have that one quintessential item you can grab to ensure you stay warm without sacrificing style. A biker jacket trimmed with faux fur is a fantastic option. Not only does it look great over any outfit, it breaks the wind and prevents you from getting chilled. Wear it over jeans or pants, or even pair it with a long skirt and boots for a look that is both dressy and casual. A jacket for literally any occasion, biker jackets trimmed with gorgeous faux fur are ideal for any fashion conscious individual.

If it is time to step up your wardrobe in a serious way, consider buying all these pieces, and create an unstoppable cool weather wardrobe this year. Imagine never having to worry about what to throw over an outfit to make it extra chic and stylish. Add several faux fur items to your fashion arsenal this year and be ready to look your best for any occasion.