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Maintaining Your Cowhide Shoulder Bag

Posted by The Team on 4th Mar 2021

Although cowhide products typically require very little maintenance overall, the following are some tips you can use to make sure your genuine cowhide shoulder bag retains its beautiful and luxurious appearance for many future years:

Keep Your Bag Cool And Dry

Because cowhide shoulder bags are made from natural leather, moisture may eventually dry them out. Therefore, when not in use, you should store your bag inside a cotton dust bag or in the open air. Never store it in plastic as you may do with other fashion accessories, because leather ultimately has to breathe in order to maintain its beautiful appearance.

Avoid Placing Your Bag in the Sun

Because UV rays can cause fading, make sure you never leave your shoulder bag where it is exposed to direct sunlight.

Do Not Fold Your Bag

Never fold your genuine cow hide shoulder bag and avoid pressing it between or underneath heavy items. This is because such action may bend the bag out of shape. Even though creases usually disappear once cowhide is unfolded, avoiding creasing it to begin with is usually the best course of action.

Avoid Hanging Your Bag When Not in Use

Extend the life of your bag’s strap by laying it flat or propping it on a chair when not in use, as opposed to hanging it from a doorknob or hook.

Always Tuck the Strap Inside

When you are not using your shoulder bag, tuck its strap inside. This will help maintain its new appearance and protect it from damage.

Add one or more of these lovely bags to your wardrobe today and turn heads wherever you go this season.

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