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Turn Heads This Season With a Lovely Shearling Gilet

Posted by The Fur Gilet's Team on 16th Oct 2018

Everyone enjoys turning heads and looking fashionable. If you are searching for new and stylish wardrobe pieces to ensure you will do just that, you need look no further than a beautiful and luxurious shearling gilet. Adding one or more of these lovely pieces to your wardrobe guarantees you will outshine your competition at any gathering. The shearling gilets featured in the City Cows new collection are both lovely and practical, and the style possibilities are virtually endless. These outstanding gilets are instantly transformed into couture pieces because of the high-quality sheepskin used to create each one. Ultimately, they are a wardrobe essential that will never go out of style.

Authentic Luxurious Sheepskin

Unlike many companies, we do not offer customers cheap imitations. Rather, our gilets are made from top-quality, genuine sheepskin guaranteed to provide the touch of luxury for which you are looking. Regardless of which style or colour you select when choosing a shearling gilet from the City Cows collection, you can rest assured you are receiving an authentic sheepskin product, not a cheap knockoff.

Perfect for Every Look

The versatility of these shearling gilets set them apart as a wardrobe essential this season. This is because items that can be worn with a variety of clothing styles are currently in high demand. Fortunately, the beautiful suede finish of each piece in this collection makes it perfect for a broad range of outfits. For example, shearling gilets are an ideal item to combine with designer heels or boots. However, they can also be easily paired with slim fitting jeans or skirts for a fashionable, svelte look for day or evening.

Several Style Options

The style possibilities are doubled with the gilets in this collection due to their reversible feature: one side has fur trim in the centre and around the edges of the gilet’s suede-like sheepskin surface, while the reversible side is entirely covered in genuine wool. Regardless of how it is worn, the shearling gilet can be closed at the waist with a fashionable suede tie.

A Variety of Colours

An added benefit of acquiring a stylish shearling gilet is the fact that such pieces can be acquired in a variety of colours. Choose a black or navy gilet for a fashionable night out on the town, or select a grey or tan-brown gilet to pair with slim fitting jeans and a classic turtleneck. With multiple colours from which to choose, you are guaranteed to find the perfect shade for your favourite outfits.

Durable and Practical

Because our shearling gilets are made from 100% genuine sheepskin, they are not only a beautiful and stylish choice, but also one that is highly durable. Pieces made from authentic fur last longer and wear better than those made from cheap fabrics that merely look like the real thing, but quickly lose their beautiful surface and wear out. Therefore, you should never trust your wardrobe or your appearance to cheap imitations, but rather enjoy the practical benefits of authentic, stylish gilets made from genuine animal fur and suede-like sheepskin.

Whether your personal style is classic and traditional or chic and trendy, the addition of a beautiful and highly versatile shearling gilet to your wardrobe can only enhance your appearance no matter where it is worn. Invest in several of these fashionable gilets to create the perfect look on a moment’s notice.