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Why Genuine Cowhide Purses and Bags Are a Great Wardrobe Addition

Why Genuine Cowhide Purses and Bags Are a Great Wardrobe Addition

Posted by The Fur Gilet's Team on 30th Jun 2021

There are few accessories on today’s market that make a splash like a cow hide purses and bags. If you are a fan of genuine cowskin and enjoy accessorising trendy outfits with unique and unusual pieces, you will be pleased to discover that the possibilities are endless with this line of genuine cowhide purses, bags and totes. These items can be used to add pizzazz to any outfit you create, and they blend with virtually any fashion style. However, you should not make the mistake of thinking they are nothing more than decorative pieces. They are also very practical, hard wearing, and easy to clean. Below are some of the many features and benefits of genuine cowhide purses and totes.

Attractive Styles and Multiple Sizes

Cowhide purses and bags can be used for a variety of purposes, and the perfect size is available for any budget or lifestyle. Small cowhide purses measure 10 cm x 14 cm and are perfect for coins, keys and lipstick. If you have a grab and go lifestyle and you are looking for a small but sturdy purse to carry a limited number of essentials, the small cowhide bag is perfect for you.

Medium cowhide purses measure a practical 14 cm x 18 cm and are ideal for cell phones, change, makeup, and business cards. If you want to carry a few additional items, consider a large cowhide purse, which measures 19 cm x 23 cm.

If you still find yourself in need of additional space, you should consider adding an authentic cowhide shoulder bag to your arsenal of accessories. These top-quality purses are not so large that you feel weighed down, yet they are spacious enough for those few extra items that you don’t want to be without. If you enjoy the bag-within-a bag approach, don’t overlook our authentic cowhide tote bags, which are not only spacious and attractive, but also come in interesting, modern colours and patterns, such as pink, green, leopard print and camouflage. You can use a small or medium cowskin purse for specific items and place it in your cowhide tote bag for the best of both worlds.

The cowhide purses, regardless of which size, also come in a vast array of designs and colours, each of which is unique in its own right. Choose from traditional cowhide patterns, solid colours, speckled designs, tricoloured hides or even a pattern that doesn’t quite fit in any category. The possibilities are endless, and you may even want to invest in more than one of these unique accessories.

One-of-a-Kind Creations

If you enjoy carrying exclusive accessories, you will be happy to know that each bag features an original design.This is because when authentic animal skin is used, each purse is a distinct creation. No two animals have the exact same hide, and therefore no two cowhide purses come out looking exactly the same.

Practical Features

Fortunately, stylish accessories can also be practical. Our cowhide bags and purses are as functional as they are attractive. Each one fastens with a durable YKK zipper, and is lined with sleek, black cotton so that you can easily slide your hand around inside to find your items. In addition, due to the fact that cowhide is so hard wearing, any bag you invest in will give you many years of use.

Excellent Gift Idea

If you’re looking for a great gift idea, a genuine cowhide purse is an outstanding choice. You need not worry about the person receiving a duplicate gift, as authentic cowskin products are unique. Virtually anyone would enjoy receiving such a beautiful and timeless gift.

If you are shopping for a purse that is lovely, practical and soft to the touch, place your order today for a one-of-a-kind cowhide purse, shoulder bag or tote, and enhance your accessory wardrobe in one easy step.