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Outshine Your Competition With a Lovely Shearling Gilet

Posted by The Team on 14th Jun 2021

Everyone enjoys being noticed for their fashion style and flair. If you are searching for a new way to turn heads this season, why not do it with an item that will be the envy of all your friends? Sheepskin gilets are a great staple for your wardrobe. They are not only practical, but they are beautiful as well, and instantly transform ordinary outfits into one-of-a-kind ensembles. The top-quality sheepskins used to create these lovely accessories are sumptuous and soft, as well as easy to care for. Ultimately, such pieces are timeless wardrobe essentials that are correct for any occasion.

Luxurious Genuine Sheepskin is Practical and Durable

Because our shearling gilets are manufactured from 100% authentic sheepskin, they are not only a stylish and beautiful option, but also one that is exceptionally durable. Pieces designed from genuine fur wear better and last longer than those manufactured from cheap imitation fabrics. The latter lose their attractive surface and texture in a short length of time. For this reason, never trust your appearance or your wardrobe to cheap fakes.

A Versatile Piece That’s Ideal for Every Look

The versatility of these shearling gilets separates them from gilets offered by competitors. This is because shearling accessories complement all fashion styles. This keeps them in high demand year-round. They lend themselves well to a broad range of outfits, from skinny jeans and statement T-shirts to dresses and designer heels or boots. In fact, the possibility of combinations are doubled with this collection of gilets because of their reversible nature: one side is covered in genuine wool, while the other has a suede-like sheepskin surface with fur around the edges and running down the centre.

A Variety of Colours

Additionally, with a broad range of colours from which to choose, it is not difficult to find the perfect one for your favourite outfits. Choose from lovely, rich shades, such as stonerustblack, brown or navy. You can select a colour that blends with the shades you are wearing or one that creates a striking contrast to what you have on. The possibilities are endless, so feel free to get creative when coming up with colour combinations.

A Four Season Accessory

One of the reasons for the popularity of Toscana gilets is the fact that they can carry you through all four seasons. Few accessories work year-round, but genuine shearling gilets can boast this trait. For example, you can wear your lovely gilets on a cool summer night over a tank top and skinny jeans or a miniskirt. When the weather gets a bit cooler in the autumn, it can be paired with a sweater or silk blouse and leggings or long skirt. In the heart of winter, wear it over a coat or jacket for an added layer of fashionable comfort, or add it to a turtleneck or sweatshirt to add flair to an outfit while enjoying sumptuous warmth. In spring, pair your gilet with T-shirts, office attire, dresses or essentially any other type of outfit.

Caring for Your Shearling Gilet

Once you have invested in a Toscana shearling gilet, it is wise to make sure you care for it properly. For example, shakeout dirt and dust frequently, but never put the gilet in a washing machine. Keep it out of direct sunlight, as the latter can ruin its beautiful surface. Additionally, give it some space when hanging it up, as the fibres need to breathe to maintain their beautiful appearance. Following these simple tips will keep your shearling gilet looking like new for many years.

Whether your personal style is trendy and chic, or traditional and classic, adding one or more genuine shearling gilets to your wardrobe is a strategic fashion move that will ensure you outshine your competition at any gathering. 

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