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The Glam Fur Look Without Breaking The Bank

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The fur industry is gaining momentum. During the last decade, global sales for fur increased 70 percent, with Business of Fashion saying that the market is set to reach a staggering $40 billion yearly. With this enormous demand, fur as a fashion statement has clearly been cemented; it's a significant element in fashion that'll stay for years to come.

That said, it may be time to update your wardrobe with a fur piece or two. After all, the holidays are right around the corner, and as we're prepping for the cold, nothing will ever keep you both warm and elegant at the same time but fur. Fur fashion is available in many forms and designs, so wearing it can be a bit challenging. Add to the fact the availability and affordability of fur these days, almost anyone can rock a fur gilet or coat without breaking the bank.

To get the most of this season, let's check out some fur ideas that'll complete your look, without having to shell out a lot of cash.

Fur Jacket

While fur jackets are purposely created to appear big and bold, a thing that you should consider first is your body type. It is said that those who have large body frames should go for fur jackets with bigger prints. Petite ones, on the other hand, will look better with tinier prints. If either body types want a plain fur jacket, make sure it's fitted correctly. Something too big will look unflattering, while a jacket that's too small defeats the purpose of the garment.

Real Fur Gilet

An option for those who find furry jackets a bit too overwhelming is a fine fur gilet. A gilet is a unique statement, so don't double up with over-busy shirts. Go for an unfussy knitwear underneath or a tee that's long sleeved. For those who are really looking to have a variety of looks without having to buy a lot of gilets, go for subdued hues like stone, navy, grey, or black. They go with any outfit and won't clash with any color or texture. But then again, some special events may require more playful colors. From striking shades like poppy red to subtle ones like frosted peach, your options are endless. Choose what suits the occasion best.

Affordable Fur Clothing for Everyone

The advent of the internet came with it a plethora of retailers that can operate with minimal costs, giving fashion enthusiasts more options to binge shop without their pockets suffering. These days, it's easier to spot a furrier that only sell their goods online, and yes, they carry with them a real fur gilet for a friendly price, as well as ponchos and jackets that are made of genuine fur. Your dilemma isn't about the price anymore. Now, it's all about the dizzying options you can get minus the hefty tag.

The most important thing to remember in wearing fur is to be fearless; don't be afraid to experiment. Fur is best worn with confidence, no matter where you are what the season is. If you're daring, any fur garment will look like a million bucks.

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