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The Wardrobe Classic Shearling Gilet

Posted by The Fur Gilet's Team on 16th Jun 2018

Surely, shearling has found its way into your wardrobe collection, and if it hasn't, then, you're missing out on owning a beautiful garment. 

It's hip, modern, vintage, outdoorsy and a favourite on the fashion runways. That is why a shearling gilet makes for an incredible and intelligent purchase; you will wear it often and for very good reasons.

A few of these include superior comfort, breathability and a moisture-wicking option for any season.

Sheepskin has a gorgeous and luxe texture, and as it ages, it develops even more suppleness with the proper care, according to shearling experts.

shearling gilet is a versatile piece that will always turn heads; its sleeveless styling and waist length are ideal for every figure at any age. It's also versatile for any season of the year because you can wear it over all kinds of tops with sleeves or non-sleeves to create fashionable ensembles. There isn't a printed fabric or solid material that doesn't look fabulous with sheepskin.

It is also a hypoallergenic piece to own that is durable for years and refrains from snags, rips or tears. Of course, most fashionable women choose a genuine sheepskin gilet for its tremendous warmth because it uniquely insulates and retains heat naturally.

Another wonderful feature of a shearling gilet is in its lovely reversibility, doubling your styling options. For instance, the traditional look features the suede-like sheepskin with rich fur trimming the edges and centre of the gilet. When you turn the garment the other way, it becomes fully covered in wool fur. Both fashion options are stunning and go beautifully with your chosen outfit.

A sheepskin gilet is the contemporary woman's answer to versatile street style, and famous stars enjoy shopping and going out to restaurants and other places dressed in a shearling gilet to stay warm and cozy.

Fashion experts say that the Toscana gilet is the ultimate piece to consider for its impressive insulation and softest, silkiest, long fur.  

A Toscana gilet is on-trend, glamorous and sexy, and talk about the pretty colours available. You can dress up your ensemble in a deep navy or black gilet, or you can stay with a neutral colour that goes with every shade on the planet. A Toscana gilet in taupechocolate or camel is a classic, luxurious garment. Dress it up or go casual, and you cannot go wrong. Many celebrities have been photographed wearing their shearling gilet with a pair of form-fitting jeans, high-heeled shoes or stylish boots.

A shearling gilet is affordable, a sound fashion investment and a wardrobe piece that stays in style forever. Store your shearling items in a dry area to prevent mildew, and allow leather cleaning professionals to clean them.