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Maintaining Your Cowhide Shoulder Bag

Posted by The Team on 4th Mar 2021

Although cowhide products typically require very little maintenance overall, the following are some tips you can use to make sure your genuine cowhide shoulder bag retains its beautiful and … read more

Dial Up Your Style With a Fashionable Fur Wrap

Posted by The Team on 28th Jan 2021

Virtually all people eventually get tired of looking like everyone else with the same old accessories and wardrobe pieces. If you want to stand out this season and for many seasons to come, you’ll … read more

Fur Scarves and Collars a Must-Have This Season

Posted by The Team on 22nd Dec 2020

Fur scarves and collars have recently appeared on runways everywhere, as well as on the shoulders of famous people and celebrities. This boom in popularity is probably because these pieces can quic … read more

Faux Fur Remains a Top Choice This Season

Posted by The Team on 24th Nov 2020

Cold weather is on the way, and once again, faux fur remains a quintessential fashion item this season. Always in style, fake fur creates the illusion of expensive and luxurious attire without the … read more

Boost Your Signature Style with a Genuine Cowhide Purse or Bag

Posted by The Team on 15th Oct 2020

Finding the perfect accessory is sometimes a daunting task. However, it helps when you try to think of unique items that easily lend themselves to a variety of outfits and help you stand out in a crow … read more

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